Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Add Different Background Color Or Image In Each Blogger Post

When you have multiple authors on a blog and want to make a specific post stand-out, then you can change your posts background color or place a background image behind them, each time is needed. Therefore, this tutorial will show you how to style each post differently by adding some codes in your Blogger posts. (this won't take effect if you have the read more function enabled on your blog)

How to Change the Color of the Post Background

When you create a post, switch to HTML, near the Compose tab and add the following code just at the beginning and at the end of your post content.

<div style="background-color: #DCC368; padding: 5px 8px 5px 8px;">
Your text goes here...

  • add the red line at the BEGINNING of your post.
  • add the div tag in blue at the END of your post.
  • replace the part in green with your own color (search for color's hex value)
  • "Your text here...." is where the Post content goes

It's done by wrapping your Post content into a "div" element. You can apply this setting anytime to your already published posts as well or you can change/remove it later.

Here's the example of the placed code in the Post Edit box:
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How to Add a Background Image in a Blogger Post

Add the following code just at the beginning and end of your post content.

<div style="background-image: url(IMAGE-URL-HERE); background-repeat: no-repeat; ">
Your text goes here...

  • in green, you need to paste the URL address of your hosted picture (use Photobucket, Tinypic etc.)
  • the red line has to be added at the beginning of your post.
  • the blue part has to be added where your post ends.
  • "Your text here...." is where your Post content should be

Now click Publish and you are done.

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