Monday, August 13, 2012

The Orbit uninstaller sometimes doesn't clean-up after itself.

I use Google Chrome as my browser, and a while ago i downloaded a program named "Orbit Downloader" to try it out.
I didn't like it, and decided to unstinall. Fair enough.
But after i uninstalled it, i tried to download a file. And the popup came up with "This download has been transfered to Orbit Downloader ..."
But i dont have the program installed?
I checked through all my folders to search for it. Found nothing.
I reinstalled Google Chrome. Nothing changed.
Whenever i have to download anything, i have to find the download link and go into Internet Explorer and use that.
The problem only exists in Google Chrome, not Firefox or IE. (But i like Chrome too much to change :) )
The Orbit uninstaller sometimes doesn't clean-up after itself. 

In Win7 go to Users\yourusername\AppData\
Local\Google\Chrome\Application\plugins and delete nporbit.dll

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